Nicole Pietrantoni, “Havened”

1) Pietrantoni-1: Havened, boxed set of 9 accordion books.
Havened is simultaneously a series of 9 accordion books and an installation that
expands to create a panoramic image. Here, the books are presented in a forest green
slipcase box. The forage of each book is a compression of the inkjet halftone dots. The
spine is a glowing neon orange.
2) Pietrantoni-2: Havened, page spread of book No. 3
Each individual book contains poems by Devon Wootten. These poems wrestle with the
problematic representation of beauty, which is an ongoing theme in my artistic work. In
the book format, the imagery is abstracted and lost, breaking down into snippets of
landscape and a series of halftone dots. The text is privileged and the book object is
intended to be held and paged through by a viewer.
3) Pietrantoni-3: Havened, installation format of all 9 accordion books, front view.
The 9 accordion books then expand to become a fragmented image of a forest.
Havened fractures the image across the accordion books, which are displayed like tents.
Each image column moves in and out of focus at different distances in the forest.
I was interested in making a series of books that quite literally contained a world – and
not just an imaginative space brought about through reading the text, but an actual
world that came to life when the books are opened. The accordion is an ideal structure
for this work, as it quite literally references a compression and then expansion of time
and space.
4) Pietrantoni-4: Havened, installation format of all 9 accordion books, side view.
The image shifts and transforms depending on the viewer’s relationship to the work. As
a viewer moves around the installation, the imagery is fragmented, then reconstituted
again as they pull back in front of the work.
5) Pietrantoni-5: Havened, detail of installed accordion books.
The underside of each book is a fiery neon orange, which reflects and glows on the
white pedestal.


Nicole Pietrantoni
Walla Walla, Washington

Inkjet on Awagami Inbe Thick, spraypaint, folded and bound into 9 accordion books that expand to create a panoramic image.

5″ x 84″ x 84″ (installation)
6″ x 6″ x 1/4″ (each book)


My research and artistic work explores the complex relationship between human beingsand nature through installations, prints, and artists’ books. With a specific interest in

and nature through installations, prints, and artists’ books. With a specific interest in
photography’s historic relationship to representation, my artworks draw attention to our active
role in constructing and idealizing landscape. I am interested in interrogating the tradition of
landscape photography and the tension between beautiful, picturesque images of nature and
the near-constant threat of environmental change. By referencing the encyclopedic book form,
the 19th-century panorama, as well as the Romantic painting tradition, these book works and
large-scale installations invoke older modes of image-based representation in order to highlight
the inaptness of these tropes to the complexity of climate change.
Havened is a collection of 9 hand-bound accordion books that expand to create a
panoramic image of a forest. As books, the overlaid poems by Devon Wootten are highlighted
and wrestle with how to represent beauty through text and image. As an installation, the books
expand to create a fragmented image that is dismantled through cuts, folds, and halftone dots.