Ravikumar Kashi, “Cross Talk”

Kashi – Cross Talk 1. View of inner page.

Kashi – Cross Talk 2. View of inner page.

Kashi – Cross Talk 3. View of inner page.

Kashi – Cross Talk 4. View of inner page.


Ravikumar Kashi
Bangalore, India

‘Cross Talk’
Water mark created in Daphne paper interleaved with black sheets. Korean binding.
Unique book.
24 pages
H 10″ x W 18″ x 1″
H 10″ x W 10″ x 1″

Cross Talk is a work about two people / groups/  nations in conflict. Work suggests an ongoing dialogue but there is hardly any meaningful communication happening because each one is playing aggressor and victim in turns and they can’t agree on any fixed position because they keep changing their views and a resolution seems far away. The work is inspired by the ideas of Transaction Analysis and an understanding gained from reading about human transactions in the frame work of TA.

The work itself was done keeping the Indo-Pak relations in mind. I wanted to bring  analogies for the troubled relations we share. But people who saw the work also felt that it sounded like a couple quarrelling. Each image was created as a water mark keeping in mind that only when you hold some of these issues against light and examine them that the truth is revealed.