Ravikumar Kashi, “Together we can be something…”

Kashi – Together 1.   Collage view of front and back cover pages.

Kashi – Together 2. View of inner page.

Kashi – Together 3. View of inner page.

Kashi – Together 4. View of inner page.

Kashi – Together 5. View of inner page.

Ravikumar Kashi
Bangalore, India

‘Together we can be something…’
Ink on cast cotton rag pulp. Korean Binding.
Unique book.
H 10″ x W 20″ x 2″
H 10″ x W 10″ x 2″

We live in troubled times. There is a wave of polarisation and of dividing people sweeping across the world rather than uniting them. Dividing them into ever smaller identities based on class,  colour, caste, language, ethnicity. At times it looks like we are becoming floating islands with no connectivity. The fact is when people come together many positive things are achieved.  I wanted to  emphasize that positive aspect as well as the many innovative ways of coming together other than the readily available templates.

While forming the sheets DIY craft kit templates are used to achieve the relief motifs. In these kits,  pieces come together to create a form. In each page I have used pieces that are seen in the template to create my own form. It is as if my drawings illustrate various possibilities of these pieces coming together. Each page carries the sentence ‘ ‘Together we can be something…’ with varied gaps between the letters there by generating funny and garbled sentences,  calling our attention to the fact that coming together and separation are nuanced acts and cannot be achieved blindly.