Mónica Goldstein, “From far away”

The chest of drawers is open, we can see the real stones in the first drawer. The photo in its upper side is taken at the same place where the stones were collected.

The first drawer now is closed, we can see a folder with a little stone in the second drawer.

The drawers are almost closed, but now we can see some photos and texts that were into the folder.

The folder is now into de second drawer and we can see some of the photos ouside.


Mónica Goldstein
Buenos Aires, Argentina

From far away
Chest of drawers in MDF, acrylic, stones, Fine art printings in Baryta Photographic paper, 310 g. Texts: digital prints in vellum paper.
unique work
4 photos + 4 texts and the colophon in the folder in the 2nd drawer.
H 12,5 cm x W 18,5 cm x D 26 cm as in the images 1 and 2. Then is variable, as shown in 3 and 4
H 12,5 cm x W 18,5 cm x D 15,5 cm closed

Artist Statement

In this artist book I worked with three basic ideas: the attraction that stones have over me, Olga Orozco poems and the support.

I took the subtle-colored stones from a beach near the Golden Gate Bridge. As part of the book, I included black and white photos of stones. In this way I want to illustrate the distance between the object and its representation.

I looked for Olga Orozco poems verses in which the word stone or a synonym appears and then matched photos from my archive with the verse’s meaning. The verses are printed on vellum paper; words don’t have the same density than stone’s images.

Since the stones came from San Francisco Bay and I live in Buenos Aires, the name of Olga Orozco’s book From Far Away, seemed appropriate.

The chest of drawers was a good place to keep, hide and show my stones, the photos and verses.