Sey Koh, “Tequila Sunrise – Cocktail inspiration”

Seoul, Korea

Sey Koh
Tequila Sunrise – Cocktail inspiration
Transparent acrylic planes (with UV printing)
11.02 “x 7.08″ x 0.55”

Artist Statement

The basic idea of this work is to illustrate ‘inspirations’ especially those of ‘Tequila Sunrise’ cocktail might indicate.
The glamour shot of this art work tried to represent ‘rising sun’ that could be provided by ‘Tequila sunrise’ cocktail’s name and appearance.

Entire color configuration of this work might demonstrate the ingredients like ‘grenadine syrup’ and ‘orange juice’, which can emotionally express the ‘sun rising’ scape, with the cocktail garnish such as maraschino cherry and orange slice, as well as cubic ices.

The overall layout of this artwork followed external shape of the ‘Pilsner glass’ that looks like containing the drink, so that it may deliver some strange and exotic scale with tropical leaves and symbols of ‘sunflower’.