Yasutomo Ota, “Frucht I”

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Yasutomo Ota
Halle (Saale) Germany

Frucht I
Cardboard, Papers, Hemp / Scanography, Handoffset print
120 x 240 x 130
120 x 120 x 130

This book-object has arisen from conversion of a lemon to book-form.

The graphics of the lemon-slices which are cut as thick as the single page of this book are placed as content of this book. The empty spaces of the texts on the side of this object are as wide as the lemon-slices from 3 angles. With this thickness and these widths, you can image the form of the lemon.

As the text by Yasutomo Ota “If I see that sections are laying on top of each other, it seems to me to be a book.“ in the final phase of this book, the lemon-slice heap reminds you about the object “lemon”, and the slice observation is like that you observe a object finely through computerized tomography.

In this way the elements of the lemon are converted with graphics and texts into the object “book”, and through the book form the observe about the lemon has realized.