Keri Miki-Lani Schroeder, “If You Need Anything”

Keri Miki-Lani Schroeder
San Antonio, Texas

If You Need Anything
Inkjet, gold-foil stamped booklet and labels, collected objects in compartmented box.

Artist Statement

“If You Need Anything, please let me know” is a phrase often offered to people experiencing trauma. The irony being that after enduring a sudden traumatic event we often find ourselves lost in yearning, yet unable to pinpoint our specific needs. After experiencing an unexpected traumatic event last year, I created If You Need Anything as a way to initiate healing when I felt disconnected from my own self and needs.

The compartments contain a collection of sentimental objects that I have saved over the years in case I ever needed them: beads from my great auntie’s necklace, remnants from past projects, scraps of cloth from my grandmother’s sewing kit. The booklet is filled with memories and the origin stories behind each object. My hope is that this “third aid kit” can be used to help navigate those moments in life that have a distinct before and after, to soothe the areas that physical and mental remedies cannot reach.

The booklet is inkjet printed and gold foil stamped on Mohawk Superfine interleaved with washi.

All objects and/or their accompanying containers are wrapped in gold foil stamped washi. Box has snap fasteners and opens from top, compartmented drawers swing out to reveal the booklet in the base tray. This is an edition of 25.