Ioulia Akhmadeeva, “Mis Tortillas para Valentina / My tortillas for Valentina”

my tortillas_ioulia_akhmadeeva_1
The box of tortillas with traditional embroidered folder

my tortillas_ioulia_akhmadeeva_2
Open box with 5 engraving “tortillas” of handmade paper

my tortillas_ioulia_akhmadeeva_3
Open box with 5 engraving “tortillas” of handmade paper and and colophon s pages in Russian, Spanish and English

my tortillas_ioulia_akhmadeeva_4
Close up of one page inside of the box

my tortillas_ioulia_akhmadeeva_5
Close up of book


Ioulia Akhmadeeva (Morelia, Michoacana, México)

Mis Tortillas para Valentina / My tortillas for Valentina
Etching on copper, drypoint engraving on acrylic, photopolymer engraving printed on handmade paper by the author with fiber pulp of “jonote tree” used to make handmade mexican paper “amate” (amatl). Text and colophon (silkscreen on amate paper) in Spanish, English and Russian. The box with serigraph text presents handmade tortillas from community Atécuaro, Michoacán, México.
Second edition, 5 pieces with 5 pages wich one
Signed and numbered by the artist.
19 cm x 3.5 cm

…Knead … and prepare my tortillas of amate for you, I printed your face in them from and to my memory…
The book is dedicated to my mother russian Valentina, who died in Mexico in 2001. It presents the five stages of her life. 5 “tortillas” pages with family s portraits and engravings by various techniques printed on handmade paper of jonote fiber. The box is wrapped in traditional embroidered folder. Tortillas is the more traditional Mexican food.