Anna Mavromatis, “patterns on a woman’s path…”



Anna Mavromatis
Houston, Texas

patterns on a woman’s path…
Unique artist’s book: Cyanotypes, toned cyanotypes, orizomegami on coffee filters, housed between museum board joined with waxed linen stitch. Comes with display board.
0.5 (spine) x 6.625 x 10.25 inches

Artist Statement

“Patterns on a woman’s path…” hourglass shape unfolds to a blossoming sculptural form that is “read” by manipulating the folded circular pages. The pages are illustrated with my own photographs of patterns and stone reliefs from classic Greek and Byzantine architectural elements and family heirloom textiles.

The patterns I chose have been embedded in my identity since childhood. The classic patterns adorning the byzantine churches of my homeland, present a potpourri of ideologies and dogmas: Christian symbols next to pagan ones inherited from the ruins of the ancient greek temples those churches were built upon. These patterns and symbols have coexisted in harmony for thousand of years. Their contrasting meanings taught me early on how moods, beliefs and social tendencies have been manipulated and enforced in peoples minds in the past as there are still today. The kinetic form and ever-changing shape of this book gives emphasis to the subject of thought and belief manipulation inflicted to humans through the ages.

The inclusion of the raised fist indicates the stance against mass oppression and at the same time symbolizes the unity in beliefs, thoughts and desires of all citizens walking that same path towards freedom of thought, respect, equality.