Anne Beck, “Remineralization”


Anne Beck
Garberville, California


Case-bound, covered in handmade book cloth with copper oxide ink, screen print, linoleum block print, pulp prints, pulp painting, image transfer, inkjet, suminagashi, inks, clays, pigments, collage, and typewritten text on various found and handmade papers, 96 pages – many foldouts, edition of 9.

Artist Statement

From the big bang to earth’s dissolution in the near distant future, this is one story of mineral life, geological evolution and recombinant redistribution, and how we hold rocks in our hands and in our bones. Remineralization draws on Eastern metaphysical thinking that everything is simultaneously happening within us right here and right now, and also far far away and long long ago, and opens with a brief rumination in this vein:

First Breath
Inhale. and it all comes, to a fierce whole, dense as the space between two butting heads. and then, with an eternal force, too loud to be heard, exhale.

Second Breath
Inhale, draw in from the stars and, exhale, place just so.

Loosely organized by the typewritten table of contents, the book unfolds a visual folktale from the big bang’s original mineralization through mining and industrial relations with earth’s geology, resulting in remineralizations and future gems:

i Mineralization
ii Record of the Rocks
iii There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills
iv The Prospector & the Landlooker
v Simple Machines at First
To separate one from another
Becoming Partials
vi Mineral Resources
are extremely important and
the increased use of them is
a direct measure of progress
vii Mineral Light
viii Landfill Aggregates & the Unfactory
ix ReMineralization

Remineralization is a small volume – the size of a field guide – with many fold outs alluding to maps,
topographical tools, and the terrain they depict. Likewise, the materials used in its making are also
characters in its tale, including copper ink, metallic thread, and metallic and mica pigments.