Annie Lee-Zimerle, “Sleepless Nights”

Annie Lee-Zimerle
Falmouth, ME

Sleepless Nights
Accordion book – gouache on paper, marble paper, book board and cloth
18″ x 15″ x 1/2″ closed

Artist Statement

In 2021, I was asked to create several artists books for a local Jewish museum. The Sleepless Nights came out of that series of works – that consist of explorations of women from the Jewish Bible in contemporary book arts.

When I read the story of Sarah, Abraham’s wife, in the Old Testament. I cannot help but think of her sleepless nights. She couldn’t have children for many years. She then gives her maid to Abraham so that he can have children. She however remains a strong and independent woman. I wanted to reflect my life of trying to be a perfect wife and mother, counting my sleepless nights. How I try to balance between work and home life.