Joanna Apanowicz, “Liber non scriptum”

Closed book is absolutely white with no signs on both sides. It is contrasting with inside.

Different phases of opening the book, fully open view is at the bottom. At the centre of the book is placed a porcelain matrix surrounded by its handmade prints. Prints are made on Japanese paper and some are destroyed by water in the last stage of their

Detail of bookbinding and porcelain matrix. Bookbinding is a handmade triptych covering paper thin, hand built, porcelain matrix.

Detail of porcelain relief matrix. Matrix is a series of parallel relief points differentiated by handiwork.

Detail of handmade print on Japanese paper. Several colours are printed with intentional inaccuracy. It introduces an additional element of life in severe order of the matrix, as well as destroying by water.


Joanna Apanowicz (Lodz, Poland)

Liber non scriptum
mixed media
Unique work

Dimensions open: 42 x 215 x 1 cm
Dimensions closed: 42 x 43 x 1 cm

I have always been intrigued by contrast, texture and rhythm. Ceramics let me transfer this search into the third, and the book even into the fourth dimension, as the factor of time appears here. My works take forms which come from their intrinsic construction, avoiding additional ornaments. I believe it gives me a chance to reveal their natural beauty which is a reflection of the plain truth of the world that surrounds us. “Liber non scriptum” is a book without a word, which story is based on contrasts of different materialities and geometry contrasting with handmade elements. I intend to develop an equality of a matrix and an impression in it. I hope that the contrast of softness and hardness, order and untidiness is complementing the artistic expression of this work.