Ginger Burrell, “Public Privacy”

Exterior view of the presentation box.

Interior view of the presentation box with the book to the left and the slide viewer (peephole) to the right.

Display view of the book, slide viewer, and slides.

Sample slide as though you were looking through the viewer.

Sample slide as though you were looking through the viewer.

Ginger Burrell (Morgan Hill, CA)

Public Privacy
Photographic slides presented in an accordion envelope structure with pamphlet stitch binding.
Edition size: 10
Pages: 44
Dimensions: 3 x 5 x 5 inches

Public Privacy examines the tension between our need for privacy and the transparency of modern life.

Just as our windows allow us to see out during the day, at night they become view screens to the passerby. Our devices allow us great personal freedom, but at what personal cost? Whether through open curtains or social media posting our permission to watch is implicit. In an age of Facebook, Instagram and Google Earth how is it that we have any expectation of privacy at all?

Public Privacy highlights the way that we have made our lives more accessible by virtue of the devices, companies and services that surround us. Whether by the cameras on our tablets, game consoles and computers; by the GPS trackers in our phones and cars; or by the data gathering of our entertainment and shopping choices, our lives have become open books.