Carolyn Shattuck, “Resilience”

Resilience with origami Koi Fish, drawn and printed on Canson Miteinte and Washi Japanese paper

Resilience depicting the end cover – drawn images of yoga postures

Resilience with slipcase made from lama Li and mat board

close view of the explosion pop-up, paper- Ingres and Bugra pastel

inner view of Resilience with the Koi fish swimming upstream in the center

Carolyn Shattuck
Rutland, Vermont

accordion book , explosion pop-ups, origami fish
edition of 3
18 panels
H11″x W 7″x D 20″ open
7″x11″x1.25″ closed

Artist Statement

Resilience was created as a result of many hurdles that were put in my path. I had a choice to examine new ways of dealing with adversity. Besides meditation and talk therapy, I sought out exercise, Yoga, and art-making. I chose to examine the Koi fish as an origami structure because they signify perseverance. In Japan, the Koi represent strength by swimming upstream and surviving difficult living conditions. The Koi fish are housed in a pocket sleeve in this book and travel or swim around the book.

The explosion pop-ups house phrases or significant words by people who have dedicated their lives to health.