Daniele Catalli, “Di Ferite Stelle”

Daniele Catalli
Torino, Italy

Di Ferite Stelle
Papercut, digital print

Artist Statement

DI FERITE STELLE (of wounded stars)

35 haikus by Laura Anfuso
Drawings and book concept by Daniele Catalli

36 pages
8,6×12 inches

Laser cut and digital print on 200 gr light gray paper, cardboard box
 Edition of 10, signed and numbered by the artists.

A book about the Holocaust.

Poems tell the real stories of people who were deported and died in the concentration camps during WWII.

People leave a trace of their presence that becomes absence once dug into the paper.

Each shadow is thus transformed into a void that is both a mirror and a container for all other absences.

The overlapping of the levels creates a collective memory starting from the individual life experiences.

Pages are left loose for the reader must choose by himself the reading order just like memory and the way we remember things and happenings is different for each one of us.

The chosen paper is a very peculiar one, manufactured in Italy by Favini.
In the color scale it goes under the name of Ghiaccio ( ice ) and it is supposed to be a light gray / blueish color. However, its peculiar tone is perceived in different way by different people and it does change a lot under different light temperatures.

I chose this very specific kind of paper because I want to stress the fact that historical fact, especially traumatic ones, will be perceived in different ways by different people and everyone has an opinion about it.