Darren Marsh, “weneverstoodapart”

Darren Marsh
Manchester, United Kingdom

archival digital print on 280gsm Titanium Lustre silver resin coated paper. Archival linen hinges. Mirri Blanco Pearl 220gsm covers. Archival digital printed labels with spot varnish. Blue and gold inked paper banderole
Each book an 8 page concertina fold, 66 x 11″

Artist Statement

Curiosity is an attunement to multi species entanglement, complexity, and the shimmer all around us.
—Deborah Bird Rose

weneverstoodapart is a visual poem about our relationship with other beings, both human and non-human. We have constructed our worlds with humans always in a dominant or central position, and so find ourselves in an ecological and political era which mirrors to us the impact this brings to all life and the planet.

Any civilisation that chooses to drive ecological change, while refusing to acknowledge its own interdependence and interconnectedness with all life, psychologically disconnects and isolates itself from itself and the entire biosphere. To act as if the world beyond humans is composed of “things” for human use is a catastrophic assault on the diversity, complexity, abundance, and beauty of life. We are entangled with other species we cannot live without.

Our current thinking and world view no longer holds.

weneverstoodapart folds ideas from the life sciences and thermodynamics with drawing and digital image making to generate a visual poem for our times. Form, structure and process coalesce into a dynamic texture echoing the sympoietic nature of all life.

Book 1 – A traumatic loss of coordinates
Book 2 – Things are exactly as they are, yet never as they seem
Book 3 – How enmeshed we are

An edition of 6 published 2020.