Ellen Knudson, “Intrusion”

Ellen Knudson
Gainesville, Florida

letterpress printed artist’s book
11.5 x 7.25 x 0.5″

Artist Statement

Intrusion is a modern bestiary that illustrates the conjured effects of human encroachment on nature and wildlife. These contemporary beasts are the amalgamation of animal bodies and environmental abuses — the illustrated outcomes of the human excesses of plastic bottles and bags, the unrestrained consumption of goods and the inordinate amount of garbage it creates, the imprudent disposal of decor and furniture, the overuse of water and the naive assumption that water is forever guaranteed, and the evolution of dis- ease that is the consequence of carelessness.

We might not be able to change what has been done, but we can act to prevent more deterioration of our environment. The viruses are going to keep growing; the ocean is going to keep coming. They don’t care. It’s our own lives we save — or not.

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