Jacques Fournier, “Déjouer”

View of the conservation box closed.

View of the conservation box opened.

View of the book (cover can be used a stand), showing 3 of the texts : Louise Cotnoir, Denise Desautels and Louise Dupré and 3 of the works by Bouthillier.

View of the book showing the text by Louise Cotnoir and one of the works by Bouthillier.

View showing the colophon inserted in the bottom of the conservation box.

Photos: Paul Litherland


Jacques Fournier (Montreal, Quebec)

BFK Rives paper/linen-cartonnage
Pages: 22
Dimensions open: 5 x 12 1/4 x 6 3/4″
Dimensions closed: 5 1/4 x 12 1/4 x 6 3/4″

The book Déjouer is conceived as a French pun. The verb “déjouer” means to foil, but dé means dice and jouer to play. Playing dice allows chance to become the main player in the game the book provides. Six authors (all women) were invited to write a text to accompany the six images created specifically for this book by artist Marie-Claude Bouthillier. The numerous text/image combinations provide for a playful and creative interaction of the reader.

The objective of Editions Roselin is to capture the essence of the original contribution of an author and a visual artist who work in close association with the book designer and producer. Editions Roselin, founded in 1993 by Jacques Fournier, proposes a site of collaboration. As a bookbinder, Fournier invites other artists to work with him in the production of artist’s books that help rethink the rapport between text and image in relation to the format that houses them and the role of their public. The concept and the structure of the book are seen as the proper locus to allow words and visuals to take their full development while approached and manipulated. The artist’s books published by Editions Roselin explore other supports than paper as a medium to convey the text and its meaning and they celebrate the participation of the reader/viewer.

Texts by Martine Audet, Louise Cotnoir, Denise Desautels, Louise Dupré, Diane Régimbald, Élise Turcotte
Original drawings by Marie-Claude Bouthillier (carbon and acrylic)
Typo and printing by Pierre Filion
Concept and bookbinding Jacques Fournier (Éditions Roselin), 2013.