Gallizzi Eva, “around the world”


Gallizzi Eva
Zuerich, Switzerland

around the world
handmade narrow, light book with folding spine. Various unique papers printed with woodcuts. The motifs are self cut and printed from my sketches
74.8 x 9.8 x 118 inches

Artist Statement

This book is very modestly designed. It is a pure paper book. I worked only with special papers.
The folding spine is made of French Canson paper.
The book cover is a rarity. It is one of the first tiger papers made by the women of Nagpur, in the heart of India the present tiger reserve. The real recycled paper has inspired me to this work.
The actual book pages are made of a special Lamali paper, which I was able to buy in France as a single sheet.
As well, the short texts, were printed by me with wooden letters, on a thin Lamali paper.
The woodcuts are results of sketches from my travels to America, France, Germany and to the Unesco World Heritage Schattenhalb in Switzerland.