Eva Gallizzi, “Station-book”

Wood cover

The whole Station-book

The flower artist called “Florina”

The small brewery called “Fahrtwind”

The ancient mill called “Wespimühle”


Eva Gallizzi (Zürich, Switzerland)

pictures: woodcut/linocut; text: digital print; cover: wood
Edition of 3
Pages: 28
Dimensions open: 31 x 87.5 x 3 cm
Dimensions closed: 31 x 43 x 3 cm

Since the beginning of the year 2013 I have visited three very different SMEs for my station book .This book is handmade, using mainly wood and linocuts of different kinds, fort he text I used digital print.

Those three small enterprise are:
The paper flowers artist “Florina”
The mobile Brewery “Fahrtwind”
The museum mill named Wespimühle.

When working, I felt more and more joy these three stations, as different as they were with each other to mix and combine.

If we did enough to exchange with each other in real life and dare us more peculiar combinations enter into the creativity would be no limits and quality of life would be increased.