Guylaine Couture, “Ferdinan Into The Unknown”

Guylaine Couture
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Ferdinan Into The Unknown
Artist’s book: old book, paper, ink, textile, hand printing, hand drawing, and laser printing.
Open: 12.5 x 16 x 1.5″; Closed: 5 x 7.5 x 1.5″

Artist Statement

My book Ferdinan Into The Unknown focuses on the world tour of Ferdinan (without “d” in Catalan) Magellan and his last journey into the unknown in order to prove that the earth is round.

The book is worn out, has flaws, passed into several hands, as the diary of Antonio Pigafetta, the one who collected all the information throughout the trip.

In my book, the sea has five levels, related to the five ships from the expedition. On each one, you will find that name of one of the boats, little information about the journey, pictures of old engravings, drawing patterns related to the maps of Pigafetta and finally a representation of all the deceased men.

On the centre side, the red dot represents Magellan, who died in action six months before his return. Only one boat has returned to its starting point to prove that the earth is round, but with only a few survivors of this incredible adventure on board.

The most varied situations took place during this trip. We find starving sailors, internal and field battles, mutiny, etc. They fought to colonize lands for Spain and for their own survival over a period of three years.

It’s hard to imagine such an adventure today