Haein Song, “Light / Folds”

Haein Song
London, United Kingdom

Light / Folds
Cyanotype, Letterpress

Artist Statement

Light / Folds contains 16 cyanotype prints of paper foldings, interlaid between 7 text on the theme of memory, time, and light. All the paper foldings (jong-e-jeop-ki in Korean) include the method of interlocking, which requires the act of opening and closing. These 16 paper foldings have been exposed to UV light for different lengths of time—between 3 to 18 minutes—depending on the number of layers (hence thickness). The text reflects on memory, especially distance memory stored in the body, and the passing of time and light.

The paper was hand coated with Fotospeed cyanotype solution and the images were printed on Zerkall 145gsm off-white paper using a UV self-contained exposure unit at East London Printmakers. The text was set in Filosofia and letterpress printed from polymer plates on Zerkall 145gsm and Tosa Washi 28gsm using a Vandercook SP15 at London Centre for Book Arts.

Hand sewn and bound in the style of bradel binding, and covered in Windsor Morton and Balmoral. The front cover has been blind debossed at two different pressures to show the shape of paper folding. The book is housed in a solander box covered in the same cloth with suede panels in Chamel Royal and Rose.

The edition is limited to 26 numbered copies.