Hanoi Perez Cordero, “Sin Fin”

Hanoi  Perez Cordero
Havana, Cuba

Sin Fin


My work is of self-referential nature. A birth malformation I possess -denominated Winged Scapula, plus a series of unfortunate accidents and events which have occurred to me throughout my lifetime, have been the focus of a personal investigation, which over time has resulted in a product that responds entirely to a symbolic interpretation. In my work I have explored with different media, moving from painting and printmaking as primary elements within my academic training, to less conventional or traditional media such as installation, performance, and video art, in response to new personal experiences and creative needs. The examination of my research subject from different angles has allowed me to find new meanings in my work. Thus I have been able to carry out a type of work where the self-reference is present to a greater or lesser extent.

This book, which is much more than just a work of art, represents the process of the realization of a work of art. It is a series of engravings made using the photopolymer technique and is illuminated with colored pencil. The cover of the book is composed of the matrices and tarlatan (material used to remove excess ink); inside are the prints and some stencils that I use in my work. The design of the book is based on the concept of the infinite, because I believe the creative process of an artist never ends.