Hyunzoo Kim, “Poetry( ) No.3”

Hyunzoo Kim
Paju-si, Republic of Korea

Poetry( ) No.3
Limited Edition Magazine, Silk Screen Ink, Traditional silk, Wood, Roll Paper, Paperboard Paper
9x 9 x 25cm

Artist Statement

시 [si] () no.3, 시체 [sitʃe] / poetry() no. 3, poetry(body)
—an ambiguous expression in Korean. ‘poetic body’ or ‘dead body’

The body is a pillar for existence and a reservoir for endless thoughts
Matter that suddenly or naturally disappears.
Stories about the body that cannot be separated from life and relationships.
The body consists materially of 60 trillion cells, 120,000 kilometers of blood vessels, protein, fat, minerals, and water. When the nerves are included, tales of the thoughts and senses cannot be excluded. ‘Where do nerves begin? Are perceptions first or the senses first?’ This work began with the question of ‘What are my senes with regard to life?’ and ‘How would my senses project onto someone’s stories?’

The keywords are oppression, cruelty, ambiguity. The rule and power of language were unraveled through the atypical compositions of my partially cut body images and texts. Words are like nets that get more tangled as the body struggles. They are like a Mobius track that one cannot escape from, from the moment they are born and learn to talk until they die.
The influence of words on the pillar referred to as the body. The body is the pillar of existence and a reservoir for endless thoughts, in other words, it was designed to place words and the body in a place that is the whole of learned senses.

The beauty of gray.
Gray colors in this work are not urban colors or modern metaphors but rather symbols deduced from the lives of artists facing the world. Countless levels of medium brightness between black and while, vague location that are not near or far from the subjects, ambiguous sizes, layouts that seem to have not have grids. These refer to all medium states that lie between the time of ‘yet’ and ‘already’. Various colors coexist within those grays. When various colors mis or when complementary colors meet, our thoughts create gray tones though the combination of the stories of diverse people and furthermore, of information and learned attitudes. Those paragraphs influence each other. From such perspectives, grays may be processes experienced to reach certain points. Poetry ( ) no.3 is the path head towards the ‘becoming’ of average existences. That process of life is unraveled as the methodology of typography.

However, the stories exist together with my body images. The influence of this language. The body that is first influenced is my own. The flow of through that affects me through the projection of writing was made into an image and the perspectives of one who has intentions to serve this in a conceptual bowl and who is the first reader of this article was drawn intuitively or metaphorically through my own body.
*Publication: Limited Edition, Gong press, 2020