Ioana Stoian, “The A-Z of Motherhood”

Ioana Stoian
Saint Paul, Minnesota

The A-Z of Motherhood
handmade paper
11.75 x 7.5 x 2.25″

Artist Statement

As an immigrant, I am fascinated by people from different countries, cultures and beliefs. As a mother, I am moved by the process of life and the beauty of a developing human being. As an artist, I am intrigued by colour, the universal language that enables us to transcend our individualities and connect on a deeper level.

The book is the vehicle that enables me to share myself with others. I create unique books that contain energy, symbolism and meaning.

Included below is the artist statement from the work I am submitting for the MCBA Prize, The A​ -Z of Motherhood​.

How many of us really know who we are?

For me, motherhood has been an enlightening experience, the beginning of a complex and colourful journey deep into my true Self.

The A-Z of Motherhood d​ocuments this journey. Within the pages of the book are 26 words that map the first two years of my new adventure. Each page of handmade paper is dyed with the colour that corresponds to its specific word, amplifying the energy of the emotions. Segments of my ultrasound scans are engraved into the custom wood type, stamped into the surface of the handmade paper, symbolic of the fingerprints of a newborn baby recorded at birth. Titanium rods representing the internal mental and physical strength of a mother hold the binding together, forming not only the crown of the child, but also the soul of the mother. The sterling silver beads symbolize the cord both physical and spiritual that links us eternally to our child. The book is protected by a hand stitched blanket cover made from Faribault Woolen Mills fabric containing the narrative of this journey that began in Minnesota.

Whether you wish to simply enjoy the colourful pages, or peruse this book slowly, reflecting on each word, this will be your journey.