Louise Levergneux, “A Day Filled with Onomatopoeias”

A Day Filled with Onomatopoeias is housed in a clamshell box covered with red and black cloth with an inkjet print over a CD.

Opened clamshell box showing the cover of the side stitched artists’ book and in the left tray the colophon can be read.

The first couple of pages of the book show the comic book technique used to illustrate the concept of the book. The right tray of the clamshell box shows a printed image with instructions for the CD that is included: remove, play, follow, read and listen.

A closer view of pages 12 and 13 of the book. Page 13 pictures a recurring image of the clock as the day proceeds.

A closer look at the included CD that is part of this interactive artists’ book. The reader can listen to the onomatopoeic sounds on the CD as he/she follows the narrative, the pace of this book is directed by the audio and the reader flipping the pages as the story unfolds from beginning to end.


Louise Levergneux (South Jordan, UT)

A Day Filled with Onomatopoeias
Produced in Photoshop and Comic Life; side stitched; digital inkjet prints on HP Bright White paper with an Epson Stylus Photo 2200; clamshell box covered in red and black cloth and inkjet prints; audio file on CD.
Edition of 8
Pages: 18
Dimensions open: 10 x 16 x .25 inches
Dimensions closed: 10 x 8.625 x .25 inches

Entertained by the day-to-day events, I appreciate simple moments characterizing our lives, building our history, whether sensational or monotonous. I am fascinated by the concept of memory and identity. Concerned with the loss of childhood innocence, I want to re-acquaint the reader with mundane activities that link us together.

Autobiographical references are characteristic of my work, which centers on the act of collecting and storing my memories, my self-identity, and my environment. I carefully study my surroundings with camera in hand. I collect photographs–eye catching photographs–from hundreds of chairs to the four basic elements that interpret the state of our world. I store these images/memories and continue my process of investigation as I manipulate, re-organize, write and plan my artist’s books. I publish my books when I am satisfied that my conceptual framework can be mutually experienced as a physical object.

I manipulate images in Photoshop and iMovie. For a contemporary look, I execute a digital method of reproduction. I work with different binding structures depending on the concept of the book. The final product is a limited edition, self-published book representing the mundane in a unique, creative, and dynamic way for the reader to experience.

A Day Filled with Onomatopoeias is an interactive book based on the artist’s fascination with the word onomatopoeia–words that imitate or suggest the source of a sound–and the word’s definition. The elements of this project, the book and the audio (CD), supplies the reader/listener multisensory experience. Sonic and visual materials incorporated in this book were sourced from a day in the artist’s life. The comic book style was an excellent way to represent this concept since comic books make extensive use of onomatopoeias.