Liudmila López Domínguez, “A diario (Every day)”


A diario (Every day)
Medium / technique(s) *: Laser on acrylic and paper
Edition size (if applicable): Unique piece
Dimensions, open (H x W x D) *: 73 x 50 x 50 cm

Artist Statement

“A diario” is a book art very special and a unique piece within the recent work of Liudmila López Domínguez.

Through the pages of the book it possible read small fragment of the personal journal, laser engraved on parchment paper, material that allow to preserve the intimacy of the artist while exposing it, crowned with a bust of woman in red acrylic (3mm), is an exaltation of the feminine, without reaching any feminist extreme, attribute of the woman, turned by her into an artistic symbol.

The book constantly rotates on a transparent acrylic base (3mm), the aspirations, desires and biographical data of the artist pass light and subtle before our eyes, artefact created by Liudmila in order to disturb the audience.


Liudmila López Domínguez (Havana, 1977) has made more than twenty solo shows in Spain, Greece and Cuba and has participated in nearly one-hundred  group exhibitions in Mexico, the US, Spain, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Australia and Cuba , as well as in contemporary art fairs such as Artbo, Estampa. She has been jury member in several events, has curated exhibitions and dictated conferences. Articles on her work and images from it have been included in El Caimán Barbudo, La Jiribillla, Cubarte, among other publications.