Maggie Minor, “What You Said and How I Remember It”

Maggie Minor
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

What You Said and How I Remember It
letterpress printing, drum leaf binding
5.75 x 3″

Artist Statement

I explore ideas of relationships and loss in my art. As my body of work has grown, it has developed into multiple chapters of a diary that is open to the public. Current youth culture endorses a lack of emotion or caring; therefore, through my work, I attempt to be vulnerable about my romantic relationships in a cultural climate that supports numbing one’s feelings. My artistic practice encapsulates the turmoil of losing a love. By publicly producing the work, I am able to gain control over my feelings and create a coherent narrative for others to connect with. I intermix nostalgia and poignant locations to create imagery that feels like an actual memory. Since my personal life is the driving force for my work, I am able to explore the ways in which my own recall begins to warp my memories.

What You Said and How I Remember It is a culmination of my previous works. It centers on the fixation that a breakup can cause and how phones enable this toxic behavior. When looking at this book, it should evoke the feeling of obsessively viewing the same photographs and text messages. The distortion and manipulation throughout the book mirror the ways memories change over time and the process of moving on from painful events.