Marjon Mudde, “ME-I”

Marjon MUDDE
Lauzerte, France

Artist book with linocuts, handset typography, experimental binding and box
9.4 x 10.2 x 0.8


Artist Statement


ive short stories about a lively little rabbit who innocently says things he shouldnt. These stories are based on what really happened sometimes during the book and art classes I taught for many years to children in French schools of my neighbourhood. Of course I adapted the « real facts » for the needs of the narrative from time to time. I made a translation of the stories into English for you, but some of the French wordplay cannot be rendered


Images : the little rabbits are done in linocut and hand printed on an etching press. The other parts of the images are printed on a proof press from wooden letters which were once used to make posters and are now part of my collection of type. It was fun to convert them into tables, seats, cars, fish bowl, etc. !

: all text is handset with moveable type, and hand printed on a proof press.


The binding is experimental, employing a macrame knot. It is a solution I came up with for a
« problem » which has bothered me for a certain period : I like to have colored thread showing on the outside of the binding, but I would like to be able to match the color of the thread with the paper on the inside…. This is the first binding where I was successful.

I designed the coton fabric used for the cover especially for this project, and had 4 metres of it printed.


The box design had to meet with several s
tandards : sturdiness ; a safe way to take the book out of it ; color match ; a flat inside as not to damage the book. After some drafts that did not meet all my needs, I finally made this box.


The book has been
edited 10, all handbound, and with a box, in 2021. 9 copies are available for exhibition and sale, One I keep for myself.

Well, everything was done by me : writing, design, engraving, typesetting, printing, binding, boxmaking, cleaning up.