Miranda Maher, “Crotch”

Miranda Maher
Brooklyn, New York

Codex of 108 Sumi Ink drawings
6 x 8.5 x 1.25″

Artist Statement

My work begins with discrepancies, mistakes or even lies. I’ve dug into our self-deceptions about warfare and sexual violence; unpacked cultural delusions about femininity and explored our narcissism in relating to animals and nature. Lately, I’ve pared down to ink on paper and the exquisite moment of making a mark… combining it with things older or bigger than my moment by restraining the ink in gilding, or by combining it with astronomical diagrams or 19th century photographs. I continue to explore human violence and delusion, but after working with that darkness for 25 years, it feels better when contained in book forms.

I work in series, components or other repetitions. For me it is not possible to make one thing that expresses my thoughts and feelings around an idea: I consider my series as single projects; I create installations of 10, 100 or 1000 components; In my recent ink work, making marks on many pages is a way of understanding consciousness and awareness and a moment in time… of the passage of time.