Oliya Maicoh, “Belong, Be Long”

Oliya Maicoh
Vallejo, California

Belong, Be Long
Intaglio on Canvas
5.6 x 3.5 x 1”

Artist Statement

Belong, Be Long is a visual revelation of the mind exhausted by a profound sense of detachment with the material world. The portraits express an inner confusion and fragmentation that deals with the meaning of life, fear of nothingness, spiritual deprivation, and infinite loneliness. It is an emotional quest into the deep and aching self to find the roots that have been sabotaging all efforts to be grounded. The mind struggles to lessen the expanding gap of external and internal, the causes to further desolation and estrangement.

Belong, Be Long is a Leporello structured book which consists of etchings printed on raw canvas, and bound by linen thread tied in knots.

The process of etching or cutting a zinc plate when making an intaglio print echoes a violent and mentally self-destructive nature of thinking captured by the sense of homelessness. The longer an etching plate in the acid bath remains, the more deteriorated, obscure, and darker the initial drawing will come out when printed. In a way, the acid is a collaborator, playing a role of a contingency agent that does not ask our permission to interfere with our lives, often turning them upside down.