Chiara Passigli, “Paper symmetry”

Passigli-1.jpgA frontal view of my work

Deatail of the glass ball

Passigli-3.jpgDetail of rolled paper


Passigli-5.jpgDetail of the painted fish


Chiara Passigli (Milano, Italy)

Paper symmetry
Mixed media
Unique work
38 x 52 x 6 cm

Books are paper. Books are words. Books are stories. Sometimes books are art. Or become art.

I am very interested in the transformation of things, how they shift from their original purpose to a new existence with a new meaning.
To do this a new point of view is needed: one which preserves/features/expresses the essence of the object and makes it speak with a new language.

The countless words in books tell us stories, facts, theories, concepts. But all of this is meaningless if they are abandoned on a shelf or locked in a closet.

So I look for a new dimension/go further, focusing on the consistency of paper, the fonts, the hues of the pages – exploring the visual, tactile and aesthetic aspects of books.

Books are evocative objects, and in my work their printed pages find new meaning in relation to other materials, calling forth memories, feelings, curiosities and mysteries.

My work would not have the same poetic flavor without my love and use of books.