Paul Shortt, “How to Art Book Fair”

Paul Shortt
Gainesville, Florida

How to Art Book Fair
zine, risograph printed on French Paper Company, pop-tone bubble gum pink, 36 pages
5.5 x 8.5″

Artist Statement

After having participated in over 30 art book and zine fairs, I created How to Art Book Fair to help both the amateur and professional bookmaker prepare, participate, and succeed at an art book or zine fair. In looking at the contemporary art book world, I realized that there was no guide on how to sell your books at an art book fair, and how important the events have become to growing the community of art book makers nationally and internationally.

The book features sections on pricing, selling, table layout, being a good tablemate, talking to fair organizers, trading, community and more. With extra advice from over 15 art book fair experts.