Ravikumar Kashi, “Book of Destiny”

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Ravikumar Kashi
Bangalore, India

Book of Destiny
Ink and photocopy transfer on Japanese raka stained Hanji paper. Korean binding.
Unique book.
25 pages
H 9″ x W25”x D 1/2″ open
H 9″ x W 12.5”x D 1/2″ closed
Book of destiny https://youtu.be/bhFd24GOaJU

Artist Statement

Ever since I was young, we were told that ‘destiny‘ decides what happens in one’s life. That if it is ‘written’ it will happen. This is an idea ingrained in the Indian ethos. Being young and rebellious, I questioned and fought this diktat every inch. For me choice was everything; choice was dignity. I didn’t subscribe to the idea that without His will, not even a blade of grass can move (tEna vina truNamapi na chalati).  But I slowly  realized, one need not take this so rigidly; that in every given situation there are some possibilities which can be chosen, and those in turn will lead to more choices. So, I feel that by acting on  those choices I’m making my  own destiny. It is a commingling of the choices that were given and the ones which were taken. ‘Karma’, the action, will decide further karma. And so, the story continues.

For me the grid is like an analogy for destiny. It is like a map with points as  registers for action and  destiny. The options taken initially decide further moves. I also wanted to bring various approaches possible when faced with a fixed grid/ destiny: co-opt, obey,  follow, succumb, fight, resist and overcome. I adopted the worn-out look to bring forth the idea of a book that contains ancient wisdom that has survived  through the ages, or a witness to a battle that is afoot between ‘destiny’ and ‘choice’ since time immemorial.