Ravikumar Kashi, “Unknown Terrain”


Ravikumar Kashi
Bangalore, India

Unknown Terrain
Cover page – digital print on 300 gsm art paper, matte lamination.
Inner sheets – Digital print on Gateway paper, handwritten text.
H 8.5” x W 11.5”

Artist Statement

The work Unknown Terrain is about relating to the body and aging, looking at the surprises the body can yield when seen with different eyes. The resultant images are suggestively erotic, melancholic and surreal. It is also about looking at the body as a landscape which registers the dance of life and death in its million folds; a visual record of the ebb and flow of life.

The images were shot on a mobile phone with a special effect filter called “Mirror”, which makes the folds of my hands and legs look like anything other than what they are. The book is interspersed with texts to add another dimension.

Skin is the border that separates the inner and outer worlds that, nevertheless, influence one another in myriad ways. All the inner pages have been printed on tracing sheets, resulting in a skin-like feeling for the pages and a translucency which blurs the distinction between layers, much as the border between perceived and imagined is itself ill-defined.