Réza Kalfane, “ÍSLAND”

Jacket cover printed with silver ink on thick black-tinted paper

Hardcover marked with the title

Part I of the book with some beautiful waterfalls, printed with silver ink on black-tinted paper

Part II of the book with black and white pictures, printed using tritones dried by ultra violet

Part III of the book with abstract aerial shots, printed with silver ink on black-tinted paper

Artist Statement

ÍSLAND, the first book of Réza offers a photographic story in a three-part progression: mysterious, picturesque and unexpected. This visual story begins with a series of waterfalls that punctuate the landscape of the country and the tourist’s itinerary. Revealed through a play of light and shadow, each image evokes the atmosphere of the Icelandic legends the waterfalls are named after. The story continues with images of a timeless and rugged landscape. With the same graphic interest, Réza captures the profile of a glacier or the juxtaposition of black sand and snow. ÍSLAND ends with aerial views that merge the contrasting abstract yet organic qualities of this unique landscape

Réza Kalfane
Lessard, Gévezé, FRANCE

Silver offset on 120g soft black-tinted paper, tritones offset dried by ultra violet on 145g textured white paper
500 of which 200 are signed and numbered
42 x 26 cm
21 x 26 cm

If not selected as an honoree, I do not wish my work to be used for promotional purposes.