Rose Rigley, “Lost Memories”

Lost Memories elevated view

Level view


Photography Micheal Marzik


Rose Rigley (Cairns, Queensland, Australia)

Lost memories
mixed media on fabriano 290gsm paper, coptic binding
Unique work
23 x 18 (diam)

Rose Rigley is an emerging artist and community arts worker based in far north Queensland, Australia. Utilising sculptural assemblage, encaustic and artist books, her practice focuses on the human condition with a particular emphasis on memory and finding a narrative in the ordinary and mundane. In the personal, Rigley seeks to find the universal.

‘Lost memories’ explores the temporal and fragile nature of memory and becomes a symbolic vessel for holding and preserving her aging mother’s fading recollections. Drawing upon the ‘feminine’ act of sewing to recreate the threads of her mother’s previous experiences and stories, the artist attempts to hold back the effects of approaching Alzheimer disease. Thoughtless of location and indiscriminate in nature, this mental scourge slowly erodes the sum of the individual – taking their memories and experiences – and leaves behind a ‘light-weighted nothingness’ where once the person was.