Roslyn Moresh, “Mapping a Path to Redemption #4”

Mapping a Path to Redemption Artist Book closed.  The covers are wood block printed kakishibu (fermented persimmon) dyed handmade kozo paper.

Back view with front and back covers

Front cover and inside pages.

Stretched out pages.


Roslyn Moresh
Pepeekeo, Hawaii

Mapping a Path to Redemption #4
Artist book with woodblock prints and kakishibu (fermented persimmon) handmade paper cover

5″x 18″ x .5″
5″ X 4″ x .5″

The way to the ultimate destination has twists and turns. It is convoluted and reminds us that the journey is often challenging when we set out to reach our personal destiny. It is symbolic for following the blueprint of our soul’s purpose. Sometimes the map leads us to where we began and we repeat the effort hoping not to make the same mistakes again. This wood block printed accordion folded artists book represents life’s unexpected paths that lead us to our redemption.