Sarah Matthews & Lauren Emeritz, “SPACE: Known/Unknown”

Sarah Matthews (
Lauren Emeritz (
Columbia, MD

SPACE: Known/Unknown
letterpress/book arts
various sizes

Artist Statement

Space: Known/Unknown is a collaborative project between Lauren Emeritz and Sarah Matthews. They explore the universe of book arts using “space” as a metaphor and immerse themselves in all the possibilities of letterpress and sculptural book techniques.

Emeritz & Matthews (E&M) use the form and function of letterpress printing and book arts as a vehicle to express their creativity. They tapped into their existing bookbinding knowledge and explored other unknown book structures. E&M researched Galileo Galilei’s book called “Sidereus Nuncius.” Galileo’s charting and illustrating of the constellations inspired them. You can find the illustrations embedded within the letterpress prints that E&M designed and printed.

E&M want to spark interest in letterpress, book arts, and all its possibilities. E&M intend to schedule a series of maker events to energize people around these mediums in conjunction with the exhibition.

Lauren Emeritz’s work explores making things by hand. She combines traditional and modern techniques to create bright, colorful pieces to bring joy to the universe. Lauren’s favorite color is orange, and she incorporates it in everything she does.

Sarah Matthews’s work documents the struggles of finding answers to long-standing questions about race, equality, and gender and breaking through barriers while shining a light on social injustice. She loves to layer multiple forms of printmaking and creates artist’s books from those prints. Sarah’s favorite color is yellow, and she was excited to incorporate it into this collaboration.