Sarah Simmons, “Underneath”

Sarah Simmons
Moon Twp, Pennsylvania

Mixed media: fabric scraps from making masks, cutting board, nails, embroidery thread
9 x 26 x 6″

Artist Statement

I created Underneath during the Covid-19 stay at home order. Using vintage fabric, pieces from making face masks, and other scraps, I sewed pages together with text meant to be touched. Using senses other than our eyes to discern a story force us to slow down our investigation. We cannot assume. We work for closer contact. We need to talk and ask questions and listen. The viewer should not be distracted by what they think they see but should look underneath. This closer look can be factual research, or a search within our shared humanity. The book’s resting position should be open to the center with velvety green expanse covering each side, waiting for the reader to search underneath.