Barbara Tetenbaum, “Diagram of Wind”

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Barbara Tetenbaum (Portland, OR)

Diagram of Wind
Letterpress printed texts and images cut into strips and adhered to Japanese ‘silk tissue’ (gampi). Sewn to cloth and wood backing. Supported by a wood wave-form platform and held inside a lidded box made of cloth and book board. Poem by Michael Donaghy: “Glass”.
Edition of 30
10 pages
17 x 10 x 3

This project represents a three-year investigation of wave forms, and illustrated using articulated paper pages, poetry and other writing. The pages are constructed using Japanese silk tissue (gampi) as a backing for the adhered paper strips. I uses a variety of spaces when collaging to create different sounds and tensions when the viewer turned the pages.

I chose Michael Donaghy’s poem ‘Glass’ because it has a rhythm that mimics wave action (it is a sistina, a form which uses repetitive word endings) and provided the title for the project in the line “a meteorologists diagram of wind”.

I layered this poem with other pages that support and illustrate my underlying concept. Some pages are collaged in such a way to create a distinct sound or tension, other pages contain texts about wave action in nature and industry, others contain images. The pages are sewn to a cloth and wood backing which can be lifted up and hung on the wall, or left to rest on the undulating wood platform.