Thomas Parker Williams, “Storm”


Thomas Parker Williams
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Side one was painted with dry pigments in alkyd medium. Side two is an ink and wash drawing in brown ink on watercolor block paper.
25 x 25 x 1

Artist Statement

Specifications – Unique book
Case – 16″ dia. x 1″ thick, acrylic panels with wood border and magnet closure
Paper, all panels – watercolor block
Base – Davey board with painted edges and central circular panels.

Side 1 – 25″ dia. fully open, 9 panels 2.75″ dia. to 11.75″ dia. painted with dry pigments in alkyd medium. Side 2 – 24″ dia. fully open, 7 panels 3.75″ dia. to 11.6″ dia. ink and wash drawing in sepia acrylic ink over graphite.
Panels are hinged with .75″ dia. paper hinges.

Video of storm in action can be seen here.

Video soundtrack – Storm, free improvised composition, performed and recorded by the artist. Thomas Parker Williams – Concept, design, illustrations, and music.

Storm is a two sided unique artist book with an acrylic case

Each side of the book is made up of radial hinged panels that swing out to reveal the complete image.

This book work, completed in October 2021 , was inspired by The Punchinello Drawings by Domenico Tiepolo, perhaps the finest ink and wash drawings ever made and is dedicated to Allan John Moore, 7/1/1947 – 10/2/2021
My friend through the calm and the tempest for 61 years