Tiana Krahn & Sara Press “Inconclusive Manual for Unanswerable Questions”

Tiana Krahn (tianakrahn.com)
Sara Press (deeplygame.com)
Penngrove, CA

Inconclusive Manual for Unanswerable Questions
case bound artist book & gypsum cement hand
5 x 7 x 1/2″ book with life sized hand

Artist Statement

What if there was a standard-issue handbook that resolved grief, discord, paradox and ancestral trauma? As young artists, we dreamed of a world where there were no rules, but in this time of internal & external chaos, we wish there were more definitive answers.

During a particularly difficult year, we traded sketchbooks back and forth, completing each other’s empty hands with objects that communicated our struggles and sought solutions.

We know nothing is simple, but we indulged ourselves with the fantasy that things could be. Our drawings, born from questions, would contain all the answers if seen in the right combinations. So we indexed them with the moral authority of any other handbook grasping at truths, and solved all the world’s problems.

5 x 7”, 84 pages. Letterpress (text) & Indigo Electroink (images) on
Mohawk Superfine paper.

Edition of 20 books plus 4 hors de commerce, each with a life-sized
gypsum cement hand that cradles it for display in different ways.