Timothy Frerichs, “St Olav Leden Book 3”

Closed book, overbeaten abaca cover, perforation, shifu tacking and ties. 6”x9”x1”

View 2, page 12 open showing folded out trail map page 12, perforated and watermarked handmade abaca paper, 18”x24”.

View 3, page 16 open showing folded out trail map page 16, perforated and watermarked handmade abaca paper, 18”x24”

View 4, video projection onto folded out page (8 minutes)

View 5, close-up of video and perforated, watermarked page.

Timothy Frerichs
Fredonia, New York

St Olav Leden Book 3
Handmade abaca paper with watermarks/blow outs, perforated paper, Shifu, over beaten abaca cover, limp paper binding

18″x24″ (fold out)x1″
6″x9″x1″ – box 6.5″x9.25″x1.5″

Artist Statement

The artist book St Olav Leden 3 is part of a response series to the St Olav pilgrimage from Selånger, Sweden to Trondheim, Norway. I was invited to create an artwork for the exhibit Wanderlust at Lat. 63 ArtCenter in Östersund, Sweden the Fall of 2016. For the exhibition I created an installation of 37 suspended watermarked handmade sheets of abaca based on the St Olav pilgrimage trail map. A video of a robed “pilgrim” walking very slowly across the screen was projected onto the back of the paper installation. This illuminated the watermarked trail and page number.

The book St Olav Leden 3 is a continuation of this work. The pages are watermarked and perforated fold-out abaca sheets that map sections of the pilgrimage trail through Sweden into Norway. The sections are sewn in a limp-vellum (overbeaten abaca cover) binding with shifu paper string tackets and tie. The video consists of the same footage as the installation, projected onto the page foldout.