Woodlin Latocki, “Domeless”

Woodlin Latocki
Rochester, Minnesota


Risograph-printed book
7 x 5″ x .25″

Artist Statement

Domeless is a loose narrative in images documenting a year in Minneapolis skylines, stomping grounds, smiling surfaces, and the shifting of seasons. The book project was conceived in late summer 2018, when the title Domeless was written down in a sketchbook during a period of transient living. The title stuck with me and became a personal term for a state of living on unstable grounds and seeking out a sense of place and belonging wherever I am. The spaces and objects depicted are imbued with a symbolic quality related to my own experiences as I moved through and captured them. These are the spaces in-between – focused moments of stillness or warmth within the larger harshness of day-to-day realities.

The changing of seasons is used as a framing device, from warm, gauzy scenes of late summer to the welcome signs of spring signaled by dirty mountains of melting snow. Many of the spaces depicted
reappear later in the book as the narrative shifts from the darkness of winter to the emergence of spring. The motifs of the hand and shadow serve as a first person presence within the ambiguous and hazy narrative. The book encapsulates an important period of transition in my life, and serves as a psychogeographical meditation and an ode to the corners and crevices of Minneapolis that have spoken to me.

Domeless was Risograph-printed and perfect-bound by hand at the University of Arizona’s Book Art &Letterpress Lab in 2021. The book is printed in fluorescent orange, lime green, light gray and medium blue.