Yo Yamazaki, “A bird in the sky”

Front cover


Inside letter printing

Inside silk origami bird

Inside silk origami bird another view


Yo Yamazaki (Tokyo, Japan)

A bird in the sky
silk cloth, paper, plywood, silkscreen print, offset print
Edition of 25
142 pages
97 x 270x 70mm open
97 x 142 x 25mm closed

Yo Yamazaki is no conceptual artist but he make his art works like ancient Japanese decorative artists. For example Ogata Korin, Tawaraya Sotatsu, etc. He loves traditional beauty and organic shapes. But he is not a painter. Yo’s expression begin to discover materials not begin from concept. Today there is many materials in Tokyo. Yo think that environment is like jungle for primitive people. Almost many things have no meaning but very attractive for him.

He collect materials he likes. Silk cloth, punching metal board, leaves, wood hides, many kind papers, little stone, etc. etc. He hybridize of these. Books are very interesting things. That made from materials like papers and cloth or leather. They have printing words or drawings, paintings inside. They are movable, openable, and readable. No need fuel or electricity. Only need human hands to open. Yo want make his art like making books. He dose not want to make books. He edit materials and makes new hybrid art. They are movable, openable and we enjoy to touch and see them.