Alexandra Janezic, “Punctuated Weaving”

Clamshell box with two of five prints

open, entire suite

print IV

print V

detail of clamshell

Alexandra Janezic
Iowa City, Iowa

Punctuated Weaving
Metal type, polymer plates, letterpress printed, clamshell box enclosure
Edition of 25
7 pages
14.75 x 21 x .75 inches open
14.75 x 10 x 1 inches closed

Artist Statement

Alexandra Janezic is a visual artist and letterpress printer. She is interested in the intersection between text and image, particularly where text has the potential to become image. Her most recent work is a series of letterpress printed ‘weavings,’ using punctuation to create images reminiscent of woven textiles. Alexandra strives to use simple materials: paper, ink, and metal type, to create forms which describe the complicated patterns of humanity. Her work is an exploration of mark making, using the tools humans have developed to communicate and distribute language.