Amparo Berenguer Wieden, “Letras”

Amparo Berenguer Wieden
Valencia, Spain

letraset on old photographic paper, rustic paper cloth binding
21 x 30 x 1.5 cm

Artist Statement

I think artist’s books are a complete work of art because they include inside most of the graphic elements.

This work is dedicated to typography as a graphic and playful element of art. This is a tribute and claim of the letter and the word pure and simple. I wanted to highlight the letters as an indispensable element of the creation of rhythms and forms. I want with this book to focus on the shape of the letter, the fonts and the texture of the letter and the possibility the possibility to play with meaning.

I would like to highlighting their imperfections and their craftsmanship, their willingness to become words, images, paths, shapes, textures… In any case, show that they are alive, and they play in front of our eyes and under my hands.

This book is made of letters of “lettarsset” and old photographic paper. They came to me some time ago. They rested in the studio for a while, until without knowing very well how, they start to make sense. I started playing with word, some time they make sense, some times, they were just letters that become forms. As they grow up in the paper, they become a book. Because that’s what they mean to be.

The result is this artist’s book, this game, my way to look at typography with passion.