Annina Sarantis, “Zwischenzeiten”


Annina Sarantis
Halle (Saale), Germany

Artist’s book
27×23 cm

Artist Statement

The book »zwischenzeiten« understands itself as a haptic approach to the feeling of lingering and rediscovering. It‘s about the tension between time and material and an approach to translate poetry in a nonverbal way.

The original wood cut prints, as well as the blind embossed text fragments on very sensible handmade paper, translate the feeling of searching and insecurity. The choice of paper provokes the reader to slow down and to accept the risk of damaging the book by loosing the composure. The visual and haptic use of the material, the extremely soft paper and the fragile text fragments are a reference to the feeling of moving carefully in the fog, finding ones way.

Depending on the room and light situation, different parts of the text and structures are getting visible and invisible. With its
use of sensitive material and handling, this artist book is a suggestion for unwinding, slowing down the pace and discovering a different understanding of situative space and time.

Besides the binding and designing of books, my work is concentrating on the question »what is a book as an object and what is the relation between my body handling the book as a body?«. As a student of the book arts, my work figures out how to read and understand a topic without necessarily reading a physically printed text. It‘s more about understanding the book as an individual object which is able to tell anything with its individual form.

Reading between the pages, understanding through touching, discovering a relation between the physical object, the surrounding and oneself.