Matthew Magruder, “FRUIT(ING)”


Matthew Magruder
Austin, Texas

Book arts project. Mycelia network abstractions, macro photography, dried wild mushroom sample, case making, letterpress, etc.
12″ x 10″ x 3″

Artist Statement

This book arts project initially originated from the conceptual word prompt of “Fruit.” As the concept was further explored I connected with the idea of the fruiting bodies of a mycelial network–or more commonly known as–mushrooms. I’ve always been fascinated by the
interconnectedness of mushrooms and the science behind them.

I amassed a collection of various mushroom species and created a series of macro photographs of 5 different species of mushrooms.
These were then paired with a series of copper plate etchings created around abstractions of the various forms that mycelial networks take underground. Each of the 5 dos-a-dos openings
contains letterpress type of the scientific name for the specific mushrooms.

The inset glass corked vial contains a dried wild mushroom. This ephemeral element provides for an olfactory experience of earthy natural perfume.

The inside cover of the cover lid contains the order of mushrooms featured, showing the common and scientific names. The is also a hand-stitched threaded network of mycelial structure covering the inner lid.

Handset letterpress type in black, gold, and blind embossed Blado Italic 24pt and Cloister 24pt.